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Concert Reviews Toonage @ NXNE 2007 Friday, June 8, 2007 - The Cadillac Lounge review by Steve Korsh The Jamestown UnionFriday night at the Cadillac Lounge showcased some great up and coming folk/country/blues. This was a treat for me as I don’t really get exposed to this type of music very often, but I was ready for something different and the artists didn’t disappoint. The first performance came from Jan Bell who is from Brooklyn, NY by way of the UK. I was immediately taken aback by Jan’s vocals. I was speechless that such soul and volume could come from such a small little lady. Jan really makes you feel each note of her music. Her style was really a throwback to early bluegrass and folk music. Her voice just had this way of resonating her passion to the audience. While her music was full of soul and spirit her set wasn’t the depressing sort of folk I was expecting to hear. Instead she had a fun energy about her, which is what I think really got me into her set. I also have to mention that her backing musicians were incredibly talented. Most notably Brooklyn’s Hilary Hawke, who usually plays with her band Hogzilla, provided some great banjo strumming and an engaging personality that, again, hooked me right into a style of music that I normally do not get into. After Jan Bell came The Jamestown Union from Brighton, UK. These UK boys really delivered a diverse and entertaining set. They had a bit more a traditional sound that I was used to with a bit more of a country/rock feel to them. The musicians in this band are incredibly talented. Their songs are tastefully written and have a great amount of depth to them. It’s hard to nail The Jamestown Union down to one style of music as every song seemed to take something from another style of music than the one before. I definitely wasn’t ready for the sort of energetic performance that the Jamestown Union provided. They really helped me take off my blinders in terms of what to expect from their style of music. Toronto’s NQ Arbuckle followed in what was again a fantastic set from one of Canada’s best balladeers. NQ’s songs resonate in much the same way the Jan Bell’s did. A fantastic voice filled with soul, a few tears, a couple of beers, and a pack of smokes. He really captures the heart with his music. You can see the emotion in his face as he wails his unique brand of Folk/Country. His songs take you to every place on the radar: sadness, happiness, regret, and forgiveness and more. NQ Arbuckle's performance, along with Jan Bell,ranks among the top that I saw at NXNE this year. My night at the Cadillac Lounge definitely challenged me to look outside my normal box in terms of how I appreciate music. It was a great experience for me to see all these talented musicians put on performances that were surprisingly energetic, fun, dynamic and engaging. I’d go see any of these performers again if I had the chance.