Supporting - Troubadours of Divine Bliss

Mashcraft - Outdoors, 1140 N State Road 135, Greenwood, Indianapolis

Opening the show for the legendary 'Troubs'! “Music that could melt a stone statue” -BBC Radio “Harmonies that heal your soul.”- Wildgoose

They have been voted “Best Folk Band” in New Orleans and Louisville with have 9 recordings and a tenth in the works. They are spiritual, environmental, and social justice activists who sing of the Love that springs from within, respect for the Earth, human rights and healing the heart. They are the founders of Mighty Kindness Hoots- community unity festivals that celebrate all that is kind for the Earth, body, soul & mind in order to coalesce the visions of a greener, happier and more just society. The Troubadours of Divine Bliss are musicians, inspirational speakers, writers, celebrants, healing guides, retreat and workshop facilitators. They are in the process of writing a book about their story. When they are not touring, they are nestled in Way of the Heart Woods their 64 acre retreat center and nature preserve creating, nurturing & giving thanks. “beautifully-crafted, important contribution to human culture in the early 21st century. To my ear, the enchantingly delicious harmonies from Aim Me and Renee are beyond parallel.” Steve Peck. Renee & Aim Me have been best friends since their early teens when they met at an evangelical church where Renee’s dad was the pastor. Aim Me’s father became deacon, riled a mutiny and kicked Renee’s dad out of the church. Renee and Aim Me remained friends and 12 years later- on a different spiritual journey- they fell in love. They shared a mutual vision of being traveling musicians who inspire a revolution of the spirit and courage of the heart. Following their bliss and freeing their dream, they picked up a guitar and an accordion and moved to New Orleans to become Troubadours of Divine Bliss. They started as street performers in the French Quarter and have since toured all over America, Canada, Scandinavia & Europe- including the Intl Festival of Music where they were chosen to represent the US.