From the recording Carpenter's Arms

I wrote this in New Orleans - mostly on my bicycle going from my home on Magazine Street to my bar-tending job in the French Quarter. it was mostly influenced by re-curring observations that bar-tender etiquette will not allow me to reveal.


I knew what i wanted when i took down my hair
i wanted you right then and there
played it cool like i didn't care
i wanted you when i took down my hair

'talked about your daughter,
and your ex wives
oh all the things we oughtta'
be doing with our lives
but you knew what you needed when you took my hand
'might lassoo that tattoed hard travellin' man

* I wore the moon like a hoop full of fire and calm
saw a fallin' star in a carpenter's arms

No words mistaken, no promises lied
we won't call or write - 'just a throw of the dice
red diamond lover, cowboy, snake eyes
i don't want forever, just one, just one bite

Night went in circles. played easy, played fast
we're both old enough to know it'll never last
the hurt of all the ages and stale memory are
dust now, behind us, like they're 'sposed to be

*i wore the moon like a hoop full of fire and calm,
saw fallin' stars in a carpenter's arms

Oh yeah, you're packin yer bag
and i won't be waitin' for you to get back
birds of a feather, I'll see you out there
now fly away baby, 'not one single care

Wear the moon like a hoop, full of fire and calm
may fallin' stars sail to your arms.

I knew what i wanted, when i took down my hair.