Hard Truth Hills

Hard Truth Hills

Hard Truth Hills is proof that dreams come true. Our adventure began in 2009 at the corner of Molly’s and Honeysuckle lanes in Nashville, Ind. with the original Big Woods restaurant. While brewing on a half-barrel system in a store-room behind the kitchen, here, we began to craft a look, a taste, and a one-of-a-kind experience for our guests. We carried that experience into more restaurants, moved our brewing operations to their own facility, and started a distillery. While all that was happening, we also began searching for the perfect place to re-imagine that original Big Woods experience. Hard Truth Hills' 325 acres of wooded hills, just down the road from our original restaurant in scenic Brown County, is that place. We began construction in summer 2017, and today, Hard Truth Hills is more than the home for our Hard Truth Distilling Co. — it's also an an incredible destination for our friends, fans, and folks who are interested in what we’re doing here up on the hill.


The Maybelles are Brooklyn based at the heart of the thriving grass roots folk music community playing regularly in DUMBO, and at the Jalopy Theatre and School of Music in Red Hook. Songwriter Jan Bell was invited to write music to lyrics at the Woody Guthrie Archives. And featured on the legendary Radio Show 'Woodys Children'. ” - Max Jaeger

New York Post.

An EXPERT BAND ! Celtic tinged, Appalachian influenced repertoire puts their album in my Top Ten Folk Albums.” - Chuck Eddy

— Village Voice

British-born, Brooklyn-residing Jan Bell leads the Maybelles into up-tempo, soulful country.” - Recommended

— Time Out NY

Fabulous harmonies, marvellously balanced instruments, contemporary lyrics and sassy attitude, a formula which first made them big favorites in New Orleans and now has them touring European festivals this summer.” - John Conquest

— 3rd Coast Music, Austin, TX

I love bands that are willing to explore new territory. I love the instrumental combination, the old-time real country feel, the close harmonies and the sprightly fiddle playing. I think you all are onto something big. Thanks so much for sending me a copy of Leavin' Town.” - Dave Higgs

— Bluegrass Breakdown, Nashville Public Radio

We just love The Maybelles...memorable songs, great spirit, lovely and lilting harmonies---plus they're just plain fun. Its great to hear them re-inventing a whole new kind of old-time music.” - Ken Irwin, Marian Leighton Levy

— Founders, Rounder Records

Of all the music the Be Good Tanya's gave me, my favorite is The Maybelles. They sound like they might be the grand daughters of country greats from the 1930's, The Wild Wood Flowers”” - Charlie Gillett

— BBC Radio London