1. Leavin' Town

From the recording Leavin' Town

The Maybelles - my Americana trio also have a version of this song, that became the title track to the album we made in Arkansas in 2007.
i can honestly say its a song I barely remember writing, and is part dream, part simple rhyme scheme...although it does feature recurrent themes.
i have fun with this one in live shows, by asking if anyone in the audience drives a Lincoln? Then I assure them that the car referred to in the song was simply a good rhyme!


Leavin' town, leavin' town,
can't stay here no more,
I'm in trouble with the law
Leavin' town

Baby daughter, my baby daughter
oh no you never oughtta'
do the things i thoughtta'
leavin' town

My little son, my little son
oh your life has just begun
and your mama's on the run
we're leavin' town

*My mama told me,
Remember God sees
Everything you do,
He'll be watchin over you
Get outta town, get outta town

I went out drinkin'
Oh lord what was i thinkin'?
his breath was really stinkin'
now i'm drivin' in his Lincoln
outta town, way outta town

'Takes out his gun, he tells me 'Dance!'
when he was done, i saw my chance
'took his wallet, took his pants
'took his gun and i said thanks and
i left town

My mama told me,
remember God sees everything you do,
He'll be watching over you
Get outta' town, get outta' town
Oh no matter what you do,
He'll be watching over you.